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Amsterdam is famous for being the drugs and sex capital of Europe, but there is so much than that; it’s wild and energetic yet peaceful and historical. Amsterdam is a tourist hotspot without losing that local feel. Known as the Venice of the North, but actually much cooler.

When you are in Amsterdam, we understand you would like some recommendations by real locals. During your boat cruise, we showed and recommended you lots of bars & restaurants. Didn’t bring any pen or paper? No problem! Just for you – and a little bit for us so we don t have to write it down all the time 😉 – we made this list of 10 do’s and don’ts in Amsterdam. Enjoy!


  • Search on TripAdvisor Amsterdam canal cruise and guess who’s one of the top tours listed? Your friends from Flagship Amsterdam!
  • Visit the Anne Frank House. Most fascinating and sobering museum experience you can get. NOTE: buy your tickets online!
  • Ride a bike, as Amsterdam is the biggest cycling city in the world.
  • Explore the Red Light District, the oldest and most notorious neighbourhood of Amsterdam. From brothels to sex shops to museums, the Amsterdam Red Light District has it all.
  • Try Dutch pancakes or poffertjes. Are you really adventurous? Then try a pancake with cheese/ bacon and stroop.
  • Explore the two best neighborhoods which are filled with charming cafés, beautiful little streets, houses, and canals: the Jordaan and de Pijp.
  • Hang and chill in the biggest and most popular park of the city: the Vondelpark. If the weather is nice have a picknick, take a nap in the grass or smoke your Dutch cigar.


  • Don’t walk on the red bike lane, Dutchies will take you out.
  • Don’t pee in the canal when you are drunk. 15 people (!) a year die in the canals because they fall in and can’t get out in time.
  • Don’t buy and walk on wooden shoes all day. It will hurt a lot and people will laugh at you as the Dutchies don’t walk on them anymore (at least not in the cities).
  • Don’t eat crappy tourist food, check out our recommendations!
  • Don’t smoke the strong green coffee, try a light and friendly Dutch cigar which will result in much more love.
  • Don’t forget your jacket! Dutch weather is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you’re going to get.
  • Don’t hop on the Hop on Hop off busses, they can’t visit many places because the streets are very narrow. Besides, the canals are way better for exploring.
  • Don’t fall off the Dutch stairs.
  • Don’t think Amsterdam is just the Red Light District.
  • Forget everything we just recommended. Walk around, hop on a bike and take in all of Amsterdam’s beauty.