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Adults Per person


Would you like to have a drink and a bite with a group of friends, family or colleagues, but you don’t feel like sitting in a busy café? Then choose this cruise! On one of our boats, you will enjoy the city of Amsterdam from the water, away from the busy streets and bars.

Despite the fact Dutchies traded in spices and herbs in the old days, you barely see it back in our food. Just so to say: our cuisine isn’t as refined as the French. However, in order to experience the Netherlands in an authentic way, you just HAVE to try some traditional Dutch cuisines and specialties.

So go local by eating some Dutch snacks. No worries, we promise you will go home safely and you can let the world know that you tried it all. As we say it: if it ain’t ‘Dutch’, it ain’t ‘much’. So try famous, tasty little Dutch snacks like typical dutch organic cheeses and real local sausages. We can assure you, it is sometimes even better than from Italy or France!

This cruise comes with unlimited drinks (beer, wine, soft drinks) for every passenger. It also includes a snack platter with cheese, sausages, fresh nuts, homemade tapenade, hummus, egg/truffle dip, breadsticks, and fresh baguette. There’s something for everyone.

In one and a half hours, the captain will take you through the picturesque canals and you will pass some iconic landmarks like the Skinny Bridge or the Golden Bent of the Herengracht. If you happen to have any questions about the city, you will be able to ask the captain who knows the city like the back of his hand.

If you have any special requests, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will see which adaptation we would be able to make in order to customize the cruise so it suits your needs perfectly.